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Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale thought to have been used in sacred music, including the beautiful and well known Gregorian Chants. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. Each Solfeggio tone is comprised of a frequency required to balance your energy and keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony. According to Professor Willi Apel, the origin of the ancient Solfeggio scale can be traced back to a Medieval hymn to John the Baptist.

The hymn has this peculiarity that the first six lines of the music commenced respectively on the first six successive notes of the scale, and thus the first syllable of each line was sung to a note one degree higher that the first syllable of the line that preceded it.

John the Baptist. Joseph Puleo was introduced, through an open vision, to the Pythagorean method of numeral reduction. Using this method, he discovered the pattern of six repeating codes in the Book of Numbers, Chapter 7, verses 12 through Joseph Puleo found repetitions of a single issue or subject in the Book of Numbers.

In Chapter 7verse 12 he found a reference to the first day, the second day was mentioned in verse 18, the third day in verse 24, and so forth until the final reference in verse 78 which is speaking of the twelfth day. He found the next frequency by looking at verse 13, which is speaking of an offering. Six verses down, which is verse 19, the same offering or idea is repeated, six verses down at verse 25 there is another repeat, etc.

Thus, by using the Pythagorean method of reduction, again he discovered a pattern. This pattern is It is the second frequency. The rest of the frequencies were found using the same method. They were taken from the first stanza of the hymn to St. John the Baptist:. Wash the guilt from our polluted lip.

Saint John. The above text seems to suggest that Solfeggio notes open up a channel of communication with the Divine.

Each syllable was thoroughly studied by Dr. Puleo and other professional researchers. David Hulse, a sound therapy pioneer with over 40 years of experience, described the tones as the following:.

Click here for detailed description of each tone. The Solfeggio frequencies were lost because throughout history different tuning applications have been used.

healing tones

According to Joachim Ernst-Berendtthe Tone Equal Temperament mistunes all consonant intervals except the octave. Our modern day musical scale is out of sync when compared with the original Solfeggio scale. If we want to bring harmony in our lives, we need to replace the dissonant western scale with a web of subtle and clear intervallic relationships of the Solfeggio music.

Let the music become once again a tool to raise human nature and a method to connect you with the Source. The 3, 6, and 9 are the fundamental root vibrations of the Solfeggio frequencies. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.

There is no matter. The musical nature of nuclear matter from atoms to galaxies is now finally being recognized by science. That is why these frequencies are so powerful.William Erwin Thompson penned those words. Who among us does not have a deep desire to live in Paradise—or for Paradise to be restored here on Earth?

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Ken Burns has performed an outstanding service bringing the pristine peace and beauty of the natural world to the television for all to enjoy with his documentaries on the National Parks and Monuments airing on PBS again this weekend. Thanks primarily to John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, thousands of square miles of undeveloped lands and mountain ranges have been preserved and set aside for us and our progeny to visit and be nourished by and reminded of the Paradise our planet Earth still is—inspired even to do our parts in keeping it that way.


If the Golden Age really existed, it must instead have been, as the Chinese describe it, an Age of Perfect Virtue—an age in which. We have received existence, we have received a mouth, a face; we speak, we understand, we think, we walk; we perceive and we know equally well what is far and what is near; we see all things, great and small, in heaven and upon the earth.

Thanks be to you who created us, 0 Maker, 0 Former! The Golden Age was an age of innocence; its inhabitants simple and childlike—much like the late and memorialized Mr. I invite you to just read the stories and let the magic they still hold enchant your heart as you ponder them deeply in your imagination. They may even trigger up memories of Paradise from out of the collective unconscious, as they did for me, and quicken in you an inspiration to live as though in Paradise.

Legends tell of a time when the Creator lived with his Creation and walked with Man in the Garden of Eden. Listen to these stories. The people of that original Age of Innocence were wise, shining beings who could fly through the air at will, and who were in continual communion with cosmic forces and intelligences. But a tragic disruption brought the First Age to an end, and humanity found itself estranged from both Heaven and Nature.

Ever since then we have lived in a fragmented way, never really understanding ourselves or our place in the Universe. But occasionally we look back, with longing and regret, and dream of a return to the Paradise we once knew. The tribes of central and southern Africa preserved myths of an original time when the celestial God and human beings were friends, before the separation of Heaven and Earth.

The people lived in the sky with Akongo and they were happy. After God had created the world and men, he dwelt among them. He called them his children. They gave him the name of father. In short, the world was a paradise as long as God dwelt among men. He was not visible to them but he was in their midst and spoke to them.

It was only when the people set themselves against the other creatures that God was driven away and the original harmony of Nature was destroyed. I watch it until it blazes.Scanning the frequencies of hundreds illnesses, has revealed that each illness produces the same frequencies in different individuals, independent of place or time. Healtone is the leading company in the field of sound therapypossessing the most extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technologiesbased on leading frequency healing methods and proven facts.

I am Three years ago I was diagnosed for Parkinson. There have been several cases in my family Healtone's sound healing system is considered to be one of the most advanced methods available today for dealing with various diseases and disorders. Moreover, Healtone's unique healing sound frequencies are specially designed for natural home treatment and self healing.

There are more than 1, specific healing sound formulas that make Healtone's natural sound therapy especially effective. Check out how to use Healtone Sound Formula. Healtone's therapy method is part of the alternative therapy family.

If you need a conventional therapy, or if one has been recommended to you by a physician, Healtone's sound healing can greatly assist you in the healing process. Please refer to our " non medical statement ". Copyright HealtoneLLC. Powered by Interspire Shopping Cart. Website by PR. Home About Dr. Click here. View Cart. It may be the most important conversation you could have. The conversation between HTSF and your illness. Read more. What is HTSF? Knowledge and facts Healtone is the leading company in the field of sound therapypossessing the most extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technologiesbased on leading frequency healing methods and proven facts.

Alternative therapy with no side effects Healtone's sound healing system is considered to be one of the most advanced methods available today for dealing with various diseases and disorders. Healtone also assists your conventional therapy Healtone's therapy method is part of the alternative therapy family. Let your body feel as new with our exclusive Healtone's formulas.The body healing tones are a set of beneficial sound frequencies created by the founder of SolfeggioTones.

They are very similar in format to the solfeggio frequencies. The body healing tones are modeled after the scientific research and positive effects of the Rife frequencies. The body healing tones contain ambient meditative music with the appropriate healing frequency embedded within the track. More information can be found on researching the benefits of Rife technology as it has been around for a great deal of time.

Brief history relating to the Rife Frequencies From altered-states. The Rife machine is a research instrument. It is used by experimenters — practitioners and private users alike — to assist in making chemical changes in the body. Many have shown it to strengthen the immune system. It has also been reported to be effective in treating many health conditions.

In the late s and early s Dr. Royal Raymond Rife — using a frequency generator — applied frequency to living viruses and bacteria and learned that he could eliminate them.

Thanks to his careful documentation of this work, we now have many conditions with which we can confidently experiment using frequency application.

It is important to keep in mind that some of these tones can be very intense. Please use these tones through your own discretion. Similar to the Solfeggio tones, if you feel that you are experiencing symptoms due to these tones, give yourself time to allow the frequency cleansing to do its work as your body is attempting to purge energetic debris that may cause such results such as: headaches, neck stiffness, sore throat, indigestion, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and more.

432 Hz & 528 Hz Ancient Healing Tones ➤ Healing Frequencies - Raise Positive Vibrations & Energy ☮

What you are experiencing is no different than going through a food detoxification. These symptoms simply relate to energetic detoxification where you may experience symptoms while going through the process. If you are experiencing these symptoms in any way, what can be very helpful is drinking a large amount of fresh water daily: at least glasses. These tones are not dangerous in any way, only intense, so please do not panic if you are experiencing these symptoms.

They are common, they are temporary and they will pass. If you feel that you are overwhelmed by the intensity of the audio tracks, do not feel that you need to push yourself to listen to them entirely. As your body works to remove the energetic debris corresponding to the particular frequency in question, it will become easier to listen to these frequencies and receive the full benefit they provide.

They are in no way a substitute for your doctor, but only an addition to assisting with your health on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. These tones are free and should not be charged for any amount of money.

healing tones

You are welcome to burn the tones on CD or use them in anyway you see fit. We do not offer CD distribution for these tones.

The body healing tones currently consist of 13 different frequencies. Below you can find further information on the benefit of each tone as well as their download link.

You can also download the full archive ZIP file which contains all 12 body healing tones.When my heart is quiet and my mind is still, my inner landscape becomes a sea of glass clear as crystal, mingled with fire.

Upon this crystal sea of quiet stillness is reflected the light of my spirit divine. And I am immediately in love with what I see and what I know of who I am. Then my heart wants to sing and I hear the sounds of light in heaven begging to be sounded on earth. Thus am I guided in my quest for the sacred harmonies of the cosmos that make this world, my form, so beautiful, so magical. I connect these two realms of heaven and earth with the music of the Soul of my soul.

The mystery of God is finished in my earth. Attunement with Sacred Sound. Sound is a natural carrier wave for spirit and for consciousness. I have found it very useful in my attunement healing work. I use tuning forks, singing bowls and voice to create sound waves. Over the years I have collected several such tools for sacred sound. Click on the above link to obtain a copy on my book exploring this methodology in depth. They are:. Sacred Anatomy. Now, these pitches and chords are not etched in stone as the pitches and chords for specific energy sites in the body.

Like our physical forms, this is a work in progress, and as we continue to evolve spiritually in consciousness, the flesh of our body temples will continue to spiritualize, the cells that comprise the flesh thus oscillating to higher and higher frequencies, ascending as they shift frequencies.

healing tones

Indeed, they are prisms for refracting the light of the Spirit of Love into seven spirits and the light of the sun into seven colors and musical pitches. All of the anatomy of our body temples is sacred and connected to everything in heaven above and earth below, as are all things in the Universe. I only wish to emphasize the special role the seven hormonal glands of our endocrine system play, in concert with the seven chakras, grounding sacred energy and therein bringing the Creator in touch with Creation.

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God incarnate in human flesh. Is there anything more special, more mystical and mysterious, more enjoyable than this?! We have the best seat in the House of many mansions to enjoy the Symphony of the Music of the Spheres. Is not this something worth being and living in attunement with?!

2 Frequencies That Heal Mind And Body

Worth keeping my heart and mind a sea of glass clear as crystal and mingled with the fire of my love for life?! Surely it is. How to do that and still live in the world of turmoil and strife? For once one finds it, one will never want to leave it, and once it finds you it will never let you leave it. One can find it through attunement.

One can find it through meditation. Creation also seeks its creator for change and renewal. Should it not find its creator, it will disintegrate without the blessing of its creator, and that is truly sad.

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I start an attunement session by asking the person to come into the present moment completely with no thought of doing or accomplishing anything other than simply coming into the present moment and being now here.

Putting these two words together we have nowhere.Solfeggio Frequency Hz Give your body a sense of security, safety and love. Encourage your cells to to do their best. According to some sources, this tone tends to reduce pain energetically. Solfeggio Frequency Hz Influence energy fields and send a message to your body to restructure itself. Solfeggio Frequency Hz Releases from guilt and fear. Guilt often represent one of the basic obstacles to realization.

healing tones

Solfeggio Frequency Hz Produces energy to bring about change. Solfeggio Frequency Hz Brings transformation and miracles into your life.

Solfeggio Frequency Hz Dealing with relationships problems — those in family, between partners, friends or social problems. When talking about cellular processes, Hz frequency can encourage the cell to communicate with its environment. Solfeggio Frequency Hz Leads you into the power of self-expression, which results in a pure and stable life.

The intent behind the Hz frequency is to solve and cleanse. Solfeggio Frequency Hz Linked to ability to see through the illusions of your life, such as hidden agendas of people, places and things.

Solfeggio Frequency Hz The frequency of Hz is connected with the Light, and enables direct experience. Re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. Attuned Vibrations provides high-quality products that blend music therapy, sound frequencies and sacred geometry as part of a unique approach to health, personal growth and higher consciousness. Testimonials Solfeggio Hz.

Copyright Attuned Vibrations. Listen Now. Free Solfeggio tones. Give your body a sense of security, safety and love. Influence energy fields and send a message to your body to restructure itself. Releases from guilt and fear. Produces energy to bring about change. Brings transformation and miracles into your life.

Dealing with relationships problems — those in family, between partners, friends or social problems. Leads you into the power of self-expression, which results in a pure and stable life. Linked to ability to see through the illusions of your life, such as hidden agendas of people, places and things. The frequency of Hz is connected with the Light, and enables direct experience. Facebook Youtube Instagram Twitter.Nourish it then, that it may leaf and bloom and fill with singing birds.

Few prophets have looked beyond the day of Purification to describe the events of the restored Golden Age, for the world to come will be inconceivable in terms of the present one.

Free Solfeggio tones

With the return of Paradise, history — as a chronicle of wars and intrigue, of plots and villains — will be finished. Humanity and Nature, Heaven and Earth will once more be joined in peace and harmony as a new Creation-T ime begins. In the biblical story of the Fall, an angel with a flaming sword was placed at the entrance to Eden guarding the way to the Tree of Life, lest fallen Man partake of its fruit and live forever in his fallen state.

The story, of course, is a metaphor indicating that in order to return to Eden, we must pass through the fire of purification and prove that we can be true to the Truth of Love, true to our true Self. The first order of business is the cleansing of the heart, especially of immune-crippling fear and shame. Buried deeply in the heart of humanity are fearful memories of a cataclysmic past in which the human race and all living things were nearly and literally wiped off the face of the earth, such as what occurred in the days of Noah with the Deluge.

We carry shame in our hearts for having brought this calamity, and all those that followed, upon our own heads by forgetting to live by the Law of One, and fear that calamity will happen again. In addressing these questions, I turn to a consideration of the Creative Process in which matter is drawn together for a season and then undone and recycled for future creative purposes. Integration is an equal partner to dis-integration in this process—and their cycles run concurrently, only integration tends to be a bit more subtle, and dis-integration tends to gain a lot more attention.

As examples: devastating forest fires make news headlines, while new growth in their wake receives little if any media coverage. Plagues, like the current pandemic, devastate our sense of security, along with the human population — although to little extent compared to the 1. Ironically, while we all celebrate new births with congratulatory sentiment, we may harbor reservations about the wisdom of bringing a child into this turbulent and overpopulated world.

We are, after all, leaving our children a mess to clean up. On our walk a few days ago we met up with a young friend who, with his wife, have agreed not to have children and bring more human beings into this world. Such conscious thinking and wisdom are exemplary.

Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si…

As a species, we do need to curb population growth, and the starting place is with individuals. Family-planning is essential, with conception-and-birth control taking precedence over abortion. If we the people do not take this matter into our hands, the powers that be, that manipulate the masses for profit, will do it in ways that are ungodly and do irreversible damage to the genetics of our species.

The creating processes of integration and disintegration are unfolding continually. Historically, ages end with cataclysmic events.

According to the Ancients, there have been four Ages in our history. Richard Heinberg cites them:. World Ages. If the magical landscape fixes Paradise in space, its position in time is defined by its placement at the beginning of a series of world ages.

We have already noted the Greek and Hindu conceptions of the ages or yugas of the world, respectively; there are also close parallels among other cultures. The Hopi also spoke of four worlds — Tokpela, Tokpa, Kuskurza, and Tuwaquchi — the first of which is described in paradisal terms. She was their mother; they were made from her flesh …. In their wisdom they also knew their father in two aspects. Are we actually relegating our intelligence to the computer?

Returning to the question I posed earlier, by what possible means will this generation be cleansed by fire? Heinberg speaks to this question in the final chapters of his book. I will conclude with these excerpts in two or three posts. Perhaps nearly everyone glimpses Paradise at some instant during his or her lifetime. But is it also possible for all of us together to live in the Garden once again — to return and stay?

This final chapter will offer two reasons for thinking that it is possible.